Plants for January Interest

Camellia Collection

Camellia japonica 'Cassandra'

These Large dense evergreen shrubs with brilliant foliage and scarlet crimson flowers in Spring.

With dark glossy leaves they are best planted at the back of a mixed border were the leaves contrast the flowers of summer flowering perennials and shrubs. Can be grown in full sun or semi shade.

Helleborus niger

Helleborus niger

Helleborus niger is a must have Winter plant, perfect for woodland and shady gardens.

An excellent plant for adding Winter colour to a border with its bowl like white flowers, as well as being an early food source for bees coming out of Winter hibernation.

Little maintenance is required, ideally leaves are removed in mid-winter to highlight the emerging flowers and dead heading can be done as flowers fade in Spring.


Sarcococca confusa

This evergreen hardy compact shrub flowers between Winter and early Spring.

It’s common name of sweet box comes from the fragrant flowers that during the cold winter months permeates around the garden.

Preferring to grow in shade to semi shade conditions, it is best used on the edge of a border or in a pot close to a door to make the most of the scented flowers. Being evergreen it adds year round structure and interest.

Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Arnold Promise’

Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Arnold Promise’

A hardy slow growing deciduous shrub grown for its fragrant yellow spider shaped flowers in mid to late Winter.

Can be grown as a specimen or in groups, with its broad obovate green leaves turning yellow in autumn.

Growing best in full sun to semi-shade, requiring little to no pruning. A fantastic addition to any low maintenance planting scheme.

Bergenia March 20

Bergenia 'Purpurea'

An evergreen perennial with leathery rounded leaves. Dark purple through summer, with the colour intensified in full sun.

They produce clusters on erect stems of bell shaped pink flowers late winter too early in spring. Can be grown in full sun to partial shade and responds best in a moist well drained soil. Bergenia ‘Purpurea’ has an AGM

Magnoliaceae Magnolia grandiflora (9)

Magnolia grand. ‘Galissonniere’

Magnolia grandifolora is an evergreen that will grow into a large shrub or small tree.

Very versatile, be used as a specimen plant or used as a screening plant at the back of the border.

With its large glossy dark green oblong – elliptic leaves with rusty brown underside it creates a dramatic contrast in the garden all year.

Large cup shaped fragrant flowers appear from late summer through to autumn.

Increasing in popularity not only as a large shrub but also used as an evergreen pleached tree to give height and privacy to small spaces.